The following are some comments from our clients.

I’ve been going to Dianne for years,  I can’t really explain it to others since it’s not exactly main stream.  But I always feel better, a lot better.  Anger that others are astonished I’m over, she just helps your soul to work through it more clearly.  Helps unmud your path and the way I’ve always looked at it, worth it to feel better than a massage. She has also changed my life significantly recently.  My son has been biting at daycare since 15 months.  He’s 3 1/2 now.  They said it was a phase, it wasn’t. Now he has the thickest file at daycare for violence. I’ve had him looked at by early intervention twice, shadowed by them for a month (due to my tears over the phone begging for help). I’ve hired extra help to have him shadowed at daycare, seen a therapist, consulted with our pediatrician.  Our home life is a spill over from daycare, tense and filled with follow up discipline, it’s constant,..awful. Over 2 years of this..  He pushes kids into furniture for no reason, hits them with wooden blocks with no remorse, punctures their skin with his teeth, growls at them,.. awful stuff that as a parent you do EVERYTHING you can to stop and I have done things I wish I didn’t have to do.  Recently while facing suspension from daycare (again) we had a women with masters early childhood education evaluate him. She said his highs were really high, lows super aggressive. Almost animal like in behavior at times.  She said in her 15 years of work she has come across this just a few times but it looked like autism spectrum behavior and we should get him into OT and have a neuro psych evaluation done.  Now was time to throw everything I could at this... I got a solid OT referral, got the ball rolling for neuropsychology evaluation ready (one year wait). I called
Dianne, I just wanted to know, was this our path together?? Am I fighting the right battle? Cause I felt like I was falling apart inside and something was missing for him.. Dianne notice the animal behavior energetically and she also said this didn’t seem like him, she saw him later in life, cheerful, loving, peaceful.  I let out a sign of relief,  please help us... who knows if it was the dairy we cut out of his diet that week (throwing everything I could to fix the problem), the newly purchased weighted blanket, or Dianne.  But I kid you not this boy is different. She worked on him Wednesday night and since then not a single incident at daycare, we are on three weeks now and that might not sound like much but it has NEVER happened before. Spooky the difference, and no change in his day care environment, if anything it’s gotten more chaotic in there.  I mean really what is autism far out on the spectrum?? Could just be a sensitive soul under attack, not getting the support that they need??   Dianne said this was systematic, perhaps vaccine related, an animistic entity almost growing inside of him.  She had to clear him twice and following him energetically running what she called a “program” on him and then following it up with a box over him energetically.  The difference in his behavior was nothing short of astonishing. Nothing short of something bigger than me or my son. Something Dianne had a direct hand in, (since the change came too quickly for me to really think it was the dairy or the blanket).  Please if anyone is struggling with something similar reach out to her. If you need to talk to me have her give you my number.  This was such a struggle for us for so long. What a blessing to have found the right match up to fix it. She is/has a gift. ~ Ali

My sessions with Dianne have affected me in a profound way. She has a unique gift and calling to women and the path we walk with depth and compassion. I have leaned on her for emotional counsel and have tapped into places within not normally recognized. Her intuitive and nurturing nature are definitely being used to their highest good. Your time with Dianne will be felt in a safe emotional space. She will guide you to what is hiding for you to heal and feel more empowered and partnered with your body. She will also reassure your passions as a woman and support your energy to follow them. Such an important calling to women. ~ Rachael

Words cannot express how much Dianne has helped my family and I. The level of caring emotionally, physically, and spiritually is beyond words. Her healing and clearing sessions have made a world of difference in all of our lives that we cannot thank her for enough. She is extraordinary in her abilities and dedication to help others. I feel so blessed to have her in my life and I learn form her every time I speak with her. She is simply amazing! Thanks you so much Dianne! ~ Amy

I felt such peace in your sanctuary, and around you. I would love to come back. I want to make my room in NY a mini version of what your space is like -- so peaceful!!! I haven't had a migraine since leaving our session, and I usually get one 2-3 times a week. Progress!!!~ Angelica

"Where do I begin?  I am the rock to many people in my life, I do what needs to be done and that’s ok with me…. Usually.  I came to Dianne recently, feeling different.  I was in a desperate and volatile place of extreme stress, sadness and deep depression.  I was feeling mentally sad with a lot of friction in my heart.  Dianne is a kind and gentle woman with a deep connection to her healing work.  I felt very safe and comfortable to do the work I knew I needed to do for myself, to get myself back and feel good about myself again.  I didn’t like feeling this way since I’m usually the strong one.  I experienced three magical sessions with Dianne, with a deep and profound healing unlike anything I have ever experienced before.  What I felt was very rewarding and fulfilling.  It was a deep, peaceful and restful state where I felt electricity, light, colors and images.  I felt as though I was being watched over, cared for, and that I was being healed.  I was able to reach some complex, euphoric states.  The end result after my sessions was very rewarding, I felt so much different and I am so very grateful.  I have not been back to that place of depression since.  I really got a lot out of my sessions with Dianne!"  ~  Frank  

"Dianne has a very calming presence, an earthy, motherly nature about her with many tools in her Earth Mother tool bag”. ~Beth

"Dianne Chalifour has such a kind heart and luminous soul that the room lights up when she walks in."   ~Trish

"Reiki is an experience like no other. I have been struggling with a head injury for a long time, and I can honestly say that I feel free of that emotional pain during Reiki. It is relaxing, soothing to the soul, and enlightening all at once. It also makes me feel connected to spiritual feelings that I never knew I had. Do you know the feeling of knowing there’s a higher power but not actually KNOWING? Reiki brings that to light; you feel something so strong right there with you, and it makes everything feel okay again for that short period of time. I have tried explaining these feelings to friends who ask about Reiki, but any talk doesn't do it justice; the experience is so special that one must feel it themselves to truly understand. Dianne helps enhance Reiki, as she has such a welcoming, caring, and calming personality. She is truly an amazing person and I can't say enough positive things about her and the Reiki experience that she brings!"  ~ Arianna

Having been a neighbor and friend of Dianne Chalifour for the last 8 eight years has proven to be beneficial to my physical well being. Dianne was kind enough to introduce me to a soothing skin salve that I can directly credit for controlling my severe placque psoriasis on my hands. For the last 3 years or so, I have been using a product from her herbal collection that was worked incredible for me. So much so that I brought it to the attention of the dermatologist that had treated me with prescription medications in the past. I highly recommend listening intently to any and all advice Dianne has to offer. Thank you again Dianne!
~ John M. Garofano

I have to start by saying that Dianne is a wonderful teacher and healer. Initially I had a healing session. The experience was amazing. I have a background in massage therapy and knowledge of different healing modalities. I had never experienced energy work on this level before. I literally left her studio feeling better than I had in many years. I was so impressed that I felt I had to learn more about this type of healing. I enrolled in her clear beginnings and then the Melchizedek level 1 and 2 course. I went in with no expectations other than an open mind and willingness to learn. Now you can read all about this method online to get a practical definition but Melchizedek needs to be experienced. It fundamentally changes you on a spiritual level. It makes you see the world in a whole new light. It opens doors and literally allows you to have a greater understanding of who we really are and why we are here and how we are all connected. It is truly an Amazing experience that I know you will enjoy. Having Dianne as a teacher has truly been a gift and I recommend any of her classes without hesitation. ~ John

Since the 4-day workshop on using the Melchizedek Method for managing energy my life has changed dramatically for the better. It didn’t happen all at once but very gradually. I diligently meditate most mornings and evenings by listening to the CD’s that were part of the training course. I really look forward to reconnecting with the amazing energy that was present during those four days. Now, whenever I place my hands in the mudra we learned with the intent to be in that sacred space I am almost immediately surrounded by a feeling of peace and tranquility. I am more at peace, more trusting that things are and will be O.K. than I ever was before.  I feel safe and less anxious. I am able to let things go if they don’t go my way and sometimes feel like I am watching things play out without judgment from afar. The nightmares that had been a long time cause of my heart palpitations have stopped and I no longer lie awake at night feeling my heart pounding. If that was the only thing that I got out of this workshop I would have been happy.
            If I had to sum up how this has changed my life I would say that I feel like I’m surrounded by a bubble that holds me in the energy of peace, safety, unconditional love, and acceptance without judgment of the day to day occurrences in my life. Life has become easy and breezy.
            Each day of the workshop was more amazing that the day before. The four of us who took the workshop together had never met but we developed a trust that allowed us to speak honestly about our thoughts and feelings. Every morning when I sat on my cushion I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be. ~ Martha

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