Healing Sessions In person or remote:

Energy Healing/Clearing session

Energy is changing and more and more people are waking up to a deeper calling.  For many, it appears as though their life is falling apart.  Although it may feel this way what may actually be happening is that their lives are falling “together”! Old patterns and emotions may be bubbling up to the surface presenting opportunities for us to release, learn and grow.  All through our lives, we are presented with these opportunities.  However many at this time in particular, are being called to a deeper level of themselves.  A level aligned with their souls purpose and life calling.  People and situations that once resonated are being uprooted, either to be healed or released.  This is where energy clearing and healing can be of great assistance.

In a safe, supportive environment for healing, a full session with Dianne will last on average 90 minutes.  Dianne brings an alchemy of healing to the session….. blending Fifth Dimensional Energy work, Melchizedek Method using Sacred Geometry/Holographic Healing, with Divine Feminine energy and above all guidance from spirit.  This alchemical approach facilitates a deep healing bringing balance and harmony and assisting in clearing/healing dysfunctional energy from all four bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual).  This clearing process is releasing energy that has been imprinted and locked into all 4 bodies creating dysfunctional habits and patterns we are
longing to correct and heal.  This imprinted energy may stem from abuse, emotional issues, spiritual boundaries and imprinted beliefs.  The clearing process will not happen overnight.  It is a beautiful process which takes time and  enables an individual to release what is no longer serving, bringing them closer to their life purpose, their deepest truths that allow peace, invite abundance, and their own inner light to shine through.  The clients willingness to release old non-serving patterns is key to the process.  Healing is based on trust, how deep you will allow the process to go and how much you are willing to work is up to you.  Dianne is capable of holding space for this process and offers tools and workshops for those individuals ready to go deeper on their personal journey, enabling them to walk a clearer path.


Home, Land and Structure Clearing

This is essential to how we live. Some people find it curious and entertaining to have energy exist in their home and space not realizing the conflict it imposes in their life.  Dysfunctional energy in your space can affect your health, your peace of mind, behaviors and habits, and clarity of what reality is.  Your space in which you function, work and live should be clean and clear in order to have the highest divine vibration possible for you and your family to be happy, healthy and harmonious.  Each case is unique and will be evaluated on an individual basis with a consult call. 

Home, land and structure clearing begins at $200 per hour. In most cases 1 hour is sufficient. Energy is effectively cleared from a distance so physical visitation is not required. $50 charge will be added for travel beyond a 1 hour radius.

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