The Divine Feminine

Birth the Call: Divine Feminine Wisdom Circle

Full Moon Sister Circle
We will gather on or closely around the full moon utilizing this powerful energy of honoring the places within that are being brought to culmination, celebrating the new harvest and/or releasing that which has served our growth. The releasing energy of this cycle can be tapped into in order to allow a connection to the flowing nature of feminine energy, activating love and emotions often kept inside which can act as fuel for our intuition and inner knowing, for emotions, artwork, poetry, song, to rise up from within. We will incorporate archetypal frequency in guided meditation/embodiment of the Divine Feminine/Goddess, and anything else that comes through.  Bring a journal for this circle. Sharing is encouraged.

Wednesday 1/31/18 7-9PM
Thursday 3/1/18 7-9PM
Thursday 3/29/18 7-9PM
Thursday 4/26/18 7-9PM 

Energetic exchange is $20pp, per circle
Please RSVP space is limited

New Moon Sister Circle
We will gather on or closely around the new moon utilizing this energy of exploring what we are intending in our lives and entering a more purposeful communion with the Divine essence of this cycle of moon energy for planting new seeds, setting new beginnings in motion, manifesting our intentions. We will incorporate archetypal frequency in guided meditation/embodiment of the Divine Feminine/Goddess, and anything else that comes through.  Bring a journal for this circle. Sharing is encouraged.

Energetic exchange is $20 pp, per circle
Please RSVP space is limited
***Tuesday 1/16/18 7-9PM
Thursday 2/15/18 7-9PM
Thursday 3/15/18 7-9PM
Thursday 4/12/18 7-9PM

***Please note for this circle we will deepen into our personal and collective intentions for the uprising of the feminine. What does this mean to each of us. You may simply journal what you receive, or we will also spend time creating posters for those who wish to attend the Women’s March, Market Square Portsmouth 1-3PM on Saturday 1/20/18. The feeling in the air last year was extraordinary as a movement for all that is good and shifting our planet! Poster and/or Foam board and supplies will be available but please feel free to bring your own.


The Divine Feminine is inherent in each one of us, a connection to primordial source that runs through the very fabric of our being. She is the feminine principal of God, the Goddess.  Within the matrix of life, she has been largely denied as the intricate and essential element she is to this divine matrix.  Establishing a reconnect ion to Her, after thousands of years of dis-connection, is essential to our future survival, as well as essential to our own personal unfolding.

The Divine Feminine is a vibration of love, illuminating the places where we are not love, allowing us to recognize and clear them.  This is powerful, life changing work which creates big shifts in order to clear and bring about our deepest transformation, activating our encoded gifts from our divine blueprint; who we came in to be in service in this lifetime.

Come join with other women in circle as we explore what it means to walk the path of The Divine Feminine.  We will journey to release what holds us back from showing up fully in life, connecting to our inner power, summoning the courage it takes to walk our truth, through deep self-inquiry.  The Divine Feminine Wisdom Circle is a circle of sisterhood which allows for deep transformation to take place. The amplification of the reflections we offer each other hold a key to our own inner mirror. Women have been gathering in circle for thousands of years. Circles of sisterhood are greatly needed at this time where we can be supported is a safe, nurturing place. 

Walking in our truth although challenging at times is the most rewarding, fulfilling walk for our soul’s path.  To live a life in truth is to be in touch with the true essence of who we are inside, rather than all of the facades we place in front of us in an effort to receive recognition and acceptance; to feel loved. Operating from essence allows us to resonate at a much higher frequency and invite good into our lives, fulfillment of knowing we are on path with purpose. 

Honoring the temple that is the divine expressing itself through us is the path of Divine Feminine Wisdom. The qualities of Divine Feminine embodiment have been widely recognized as urgently needed to heal many of the crisis we face here on planet earth at this time. What each of us brings to the circle of life is a precious gift to humanity.  Cultivating our gifts and the way in which we show up in our daily lives will be explored and expanded upon in this journey, bringing healing and balance to our feminine and masculine energies inherent in each one of us. We will honor the feminine face of the divine through discussion, sharing and archetypal resonance.  We will journey through meditation to allow the path of feminine wisdom to unfold organically.  Let us join together in circle in sacred devotion to our path. Come and awaken to your own divinity, your own power, your truth. She is calling! 

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At Earth Harmony Wellness we utilize energy healing sessions, meditation and a variety of classes to open a door which already exists within each of us.  This door is our connection to our essence, to Source, to where our gifts lie.